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NDACC accepts data in ASCII Ames or GEOMS compliant HDF4 Formats.


A full listing of the NDACC data with short descriptions is available in the Measurements and Analyses Directory.


Graphic displays of data availability by instrument type are available on the Instrument Tab.  An NDACC Observation Capabilities Chart is also available.


An easy to read listing of data currently available in the database is updated twice a year.


Public data:  All NDACC data more than two years old are public data.  Additionally some PIs have authorized their data for early release.  These data are available as soon as they are cataloged in the database.  This public record is available through anonymous ftp at or by a clickable map linking sites with data directories.

Proprietary data:  All NDACC data newer than one year from acquisition and not authorized for early release are proprietary data and available only through direct accounts on the NDACC database.  Parties interested in general access to this data should prepare a proposal to the NDACC Steering Committee for consideration as NDACC collaborators.  For more information contact the NDACC Steering Committee co-Chairs.  Otherwise, the use of any individual NDACC data set prior to its being made publicly available (i.e., for use associated with field campaigns, satellite validation, etc.) is possible via collaborative arrangement with the appropriate PI(s).

Rapid Delivery Data:  For some projects it is of value to offer data to the scientific community with a maximun delay of one month. If these rapid delivery data are of less quality of traditional NDACC certified data, if the data have not yet been quality controlled, or if the data is less complete (e.g. missing uncertainty estimates) then these data must be identified as 'Rapid Delivery (RD)'. These are available separately on the NDACC public website at As soon as the standard verified version is available, the RD data will be removed and the fully verified version will be archived in the NDACC public database as usual in the station directories.


In the case of use of proprietary data that is not yet released to the general public, co-authorship shall be offered on all resulting publications to those investigators participating in the process.

It is expected that data users will consult the on line documentation and reference articles to fully understand the scope and limitations of the instruments and resulting data. Scientific users of the data are encouraged to directly contact the NDACC Principal Investigator listed in the data documentation to insure the proper use of specific datasets.

People who use NDACC data in a publication are requested to include the following acknowledgment: "The data used in this publication were obtained as part of the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC) and are publicly available (see".

Please also send notification of publication to J. Wild so that we may add the publication to our publications list.

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